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Young girl saved thanks to fast action by Splash Village lifeguards and security

  A 10-year-old Grand Blanc girl is alive today, thanks to Zehnder’s Splash Village’s lifeguards and security personnel.

  The incident began around 5:30pm Sunday, February 18, when Frankenmuth Police Department officers were sent to Splash Village, 1365 South Main Street, through a Saginaw County Central Dispatch 911 call for an unknown medical run involving a child.

  Officers arrived, along with MMR Ambulance Service personnel, to find Village life guards and security tending to the 10-year-old female, who was on her back and unresponsive. FPD Chief Don Mawer said the life guards administered “rescue breaths,” which means the girl’s heart and pulse were working but she was not breathing.

  According to the FPD reports, the girl climbed a ladder, entered on to one of the water slides and when she entered the water, she was unresponsive and found on the bottom of the pool.

  𠇍uring her trip down (the water slide), she experienced some type of medical issue. She had no signs of trauma, but something happened to her during her brief time in the slide,” Mawer said.

  Mawer dispels the rumors that the girl fell off the ladder or hit her head inside the tube.

  “There was a lot of misinformation out there,” he said.

  The lifeguards saw the entire episode and started rescue breaths “within 50 seconds of rescuing her,” Mawer added.

  MMR worked with the lifeguards to stabilize the girl and loaded her into the ambulance. However, once loaded on the gurney, the girl went into full cardiac arrest, CPR was administered and a heart defibrillator was used to restart her heart as MMR transported her to Covenant HealthCare in Saginaw.

  The girl was at Splash Village with her parents. She was later transported via helicopter to the University of Michigan Medical Hospital, where she was as of press time.

  Mawer praised the Splash Village staff for their quick action.

 “The work done between the two disciplines (lifeguard and security) saved this girl’s life with the measures they went through. Their training shined through. They assessed, evaluated and started rescue breathing very efficiently, rendering life-sustaining aid,” Mawer said. “They were calm, they knew they had a job to do . . . kudos to them.”

  Zehnder’s wishes to keep a low profile by not naming the staffers who were on the scene.

  “This was a good story. These things happen and often times there isn’t a happy ending,” Mawer said.

(c) 2006 Frankenmuth News