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THE FRANKENMUTH FIRE DEPARTMENT . . . was honored by the 100 Club of Saginaw County last week for their heroic actions at a may 2016 house fire. Attending from the FFD were, from the left, Chief Phil Kerns, Captain Matthew Vasicek, Firefighter Jason Maurer, Firefighter Nic Winlarski, Crew Leader Eric MacKinnon and Firefighter Dan Wortman.

100 Club of Saginaw County honors FFD for heroic acts at a May 2016 house fire

  The Frankenmuth Fire Department was recently honored for their heroic act at a house fire in the city just over a year ago.
 The 100 Club of Saginaw County presented the FFD with their 2017 Silver Chalice Award at the Horizons Conference Center at the annual meeting, held on Wednesday, May 17.
  The award was given for the rescue of an unconscious elderly female from her burning home in the 700 block of Andrew Street during the early morning hours of May 2, 2016.
  Although the victim, 93-year-old Hilda Schmandt, passed away a few hours later at the hospital, the actions of the Frankenmuth firefighters, working as a team, rescued her and turned her over to MMR Ambulance responders with CPR in progress. After CPR was initiated, her pulse and breathing were restored.
  “Not only did the firefighters do their job and do it well under the circumstances, so did Frankenmuth Police Department Officer Jon Mason and the MMR responders,” the presentation letter read.  “Without everyone working as a team, this could not happen. Unfortunately, she died a few hours later. Ordinary people took extraordinary efforts to save a life.”
   FFD Chief Phillip Kerns told the members that this can be a learning lesson for all.
  “The public should not let the death of a vibrant, elderly woman go in vain. Working smoke detectors save lives and did,” Kerns said.
  Kerns cautioned that persons must also exit the structure when smoke is present – period. Don’t go searching for a fire in a structure filled with smoke. Warn as many people as possible while exiting and call 911.
  Kerns also pointed out that today’s fires are burning hotter than ever before.
  “We are storing more items than ever before. These stored items contain more chemicals than ever before, and the smoke produced from these stored items is toxic and will incapacitate and harm or kill you in just a few breaths,” Kerns stated.
   Making the trip to Saginaw for the presentation was Kerns, Captain Matthew Vasicek, Firefighter Jason Maurer, Firefighter Nic Winiarski, Crew Leader Eric MacKinnon and Firefighter Dan Wortman.



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