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Frankenmuth Fire Dept.
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FFD set to welcome three new firefighters

  The Frankenmuth Fire Department had a quiet week of activity following a week filled with outdoor burn piles and cornfield stubble blazes.

  Alarm No. 171 for 2022 took place around 2:45pm on Wednesday, November 16, at the Frankenmuth Brewery, 425 South Main Street.

  FFD Lt. Adam Weiss said dust from a maintenance operation set off multiple general alarms. Engine 1 responded with eight firefighters reporting to the station. They cleared the scene with 20 minutes of the call.

  In other FFD news, Chief Phillip Kerns announced three new firefighters took part in a general orientation session Sunday evening with fire department officers.

  Candidates Paige Raymond and Michael Roeglin have been shadowing the department for several months and will begin instruction at the Saginaw County Academy at the end of this month. The over 200-hour class will conclude at the end of April.

  The third member is former Clio Area Fire Department firefighter Brandon Haught. He will join the FFD as a probationary firefighter after serving eight years with Clio. Haught relocated to Frankenmuth a few years ago with his wife and two children, who attend St. Lorenz Lutheran School.

  “We welcome them and are excited that they want to assist our community in this manner,” Kerns said.


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