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FFD has just two storm-related alarms over the icy weekend

  While areas surrounding the Frankenmuth community suffered power outages last Saturday evening and early Sunday morning, the ice storm did not have as much effect in the immediate area.

  The Frankenmuth Fire Department answered three calls last week, with only two created by the ice, wind and snow.

  On Saturday morning, January 11, the FFD was activated for wires and a pole down in the 8100 block of West Tuscola Road. FFD Captain Doug VanWormer said a dead tree fell and upon breaking up, hit the primary electrical wires and broke the pole near its base.

  West Tuscola Road, just east of Maple Road, was temporarily closed until a quick-arriving Consumers Energy crew arrived at the scene to mitigate the matter. Frankenmuth Police Department officers assisted with Brush 7 and personnel, clearing after a half hour.  A total of 31 firefighters reported to the station.

  Later on Saturday, around 9:45pm, Saginaw County Central Dispatch 911 summoned the FFD for wires and a pole down in the 8100 block of King Road, just east of Maple Road.

  VanWormer stated the utility pole snapped and although the pole was down, the wires remained on the cross arms and area power remained on until Consumers arrived to install a new pole. Fire units cleared by 10:15pm, with Engine 1 and Brush 7 responding. A total of 23 fire personnel traveled to the station.

  In other FFD news, firefighters were called to a single-family residence in the 600 block of Franconian Drive East around 2:30pm Thursday, January 9. Two residents became ill and they feared they had symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning.

  Engine 1 and Squad 4 responded and determined there wasn’t any carbon monoxide present and that the pair likely had the flu. The units cleared within 15 minutes. Twelve fire personnel reported for duty.

  Prior to the approaching storm, Frankenmuth City Manager Bridget Smith and city department heads met Friday morning to plan ahead for the weekend’s weather.

  Local resident Marie Koch was awarded a $250 grant from Thrivent Financial for making FFD meals.

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