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Frankenmuth Fire extinguishes a chimney fire on Maple Road

  The Frankenmuth Fire Department had a weekend of action, including an early-morning chimney fire in the 4200 block of Maple Road in Frankenmuth Township.

  On Saturday, November 11, shortly before 3am, the FFD responded to a possible chimney fire at a two-story residence.

  Firefighters monitored the situation and determined that the overheated chimney started some insulation on fire in the attic space which required some extensive overhaul because of it being in a concealed wall/ceiling space, FFD Chief Phil Kerns said.

  Engine 1, Tanker 3, Engine 2 and Squad 4 responded and on the scene for over three hours, with 16 fire personnel on the scene. The family of four were not hurt.

  Chimney fires in older farmhouses can be particularly damaging and dangerous because of concealed spaces and home design.

  “We have pulled up on these scenes in the past and what appears to be nothing quickly evolves into fire having spread throughout the whole house and on every floor,” Kerns stated. “Our crews did a great job in minimizing the damage and most importantly, the family was safe. They evacuated the house when they smelled smoke and had smoke detectors on every floor.

  Eighteen personnel came to the station and they cleared by 7am.

  “Special thanks to McDonald’s for providing our firefighters with hot breakfast sandwiches. It was a cold morning and McDonald’s is very good to us and know that we appreciate their kindness and generosity,” Kerns noted.

  The first alarm of the weekend occurred shortly after 11am in the 7800 block of Junction Road for a low-hanging wire. Upon arrival, a bolt holding a guy wire between two poles broke off, causing the wire to fall.

  Consumers Energy was notified and the area was barricaded until their arrival.  Engine 1 and four personnel traveled to the scene; eight total firefighters arrived at the station. The units cleared within 30 minutes.

  Saturday evening, around 7:30pm, the FFD was summoned to an outdoor burn in the 9100 block of Old Hickory Lane in the Timbers Golf Course subdivision in Tuscola Township.

  The fire was out, but it was a dispute between neighbors that has been ongoing, according to FFD Captain Matt Vasicek. Township officials were contacted to help solve the matter. Eighteen personnel reported for duty and the units cleared shortly after 8pm.

  Run 124 of 2017 took place at 10am Sunday, November 12. The call was for wires arcing in the 600 block of West Tuscola Road.

  FFD Crew Leader Eric MacKinnon reported a blown fuse in that block caused a small area power outage. Consumers arrived to the scene within the hour. A total of 13 firefighters responded and Engine 1 with four personnel traveled to the scene. They cleared in less than 25 minutes.

(c) 2006 Frankenmuth News