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Stan Bozich

Furnace start ups causing alarm runs for the FFD

  Last week’s colder temperatures created a few fire alarms runs for the Frankenmuth Fire Department.

  The cause? Furnaces shut off for the past 5-6 months kicked on, triggering alarms due to sitting idle all season.

  “We had five fire alarm-related responses last week,” FFD Chief Phil Kerns said. �ing that we are experiencing cooler weather, we are starting to see fire alarms as a result of that summer season dust accumulating on furnace units and the initial start-up and burn-off smells that either trigger smoke detectors or causes heating equipment to malfunction after sitting idle all summer.”

  Kerns advises home and business owners that now is the time to get furnace appliances checked and serviced by licensed professionals.

  “Heating system-related fires can and do occur and having equipment checked annually is much and cheaper than experiencing a potential fire-related event,” Kerns stated.

  October is National Fire Prevention Month. FFD personnel have plans to visit area schools and other facilities to remind the public about life safety planning and practicing.

  Last week’s runs include:

  Shortly after 7am Tuesday, September 25, Frankenmuth Fire was activated for a fire alarm triggered by a smoke detector in the 7500 block of South Block Road. It was a false alarm.

 Friday afternoon, September 28, the FFD responded to the Holiday Inn Express, 926 South Main Street, for a general alarm. Engine 1 and personnel met with a maintenance employee who advised one of their air conditioning units malfunctioned, causing smoke and triggering the alarm

  Shortly after 7am Saturday, September 29, the FFD was dispatched to Medi-Lodge, 500 West Genesee Street, for a general fire alarm. A bad smoke detector started the alarm in the laundry area.

  Later on Saturday, a child pulled a fire alarm inside the Frankenmuth Cheese Haus.

 Shortly before 1pm on Sunday, September 30, the FFD answered a call to the 600 block of Maple Crest Drive for a carbon monoxide detector. The issue was a low battery and no CO was detected.

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