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CO, smoke detector calls keep Frankenmuth Fire Dept. busy

  The Frankenmuth Fire Department responded to five calls for service last week, upping the yearly total to 85 alarms in 2020.

  At 7:30pm Monday, July 20, the FFD was dispatched for a carbon monoxide alarm at a home in the 6000 block of South Dehmel Road.

  FFD Crew Leader Eric MacKinnon said all five detectors in the home were activated and the system appeared to malfunction, as no CO gas was detected. Fire officials advise that detectors should be replaced every 10 years or whatever is recommended by the manufacturer.

  𠇊t least the whole house didn’t go into alarm mode in the middle of the night, which is typical for false alarms . . . it wakes up everyone,” MacKinnon said.

  Engine 1’s crew investigated and cleared in 20 minutes. A total of 17 firefighters reported to the station.

  Shortly before 12:30pm on Thursday, July 23, Saginaw County Central Dispatch 911 summoned the local fire department to the 3000 block of Maple Road, for the smell of smoke and possible fire at single-family residence.

  FFD Chief Phil Kerns said that the homeowner had the bathroom fan on, smelled an electrical burning odor, felt the wall and because it was hot, called 911. Kerns stated that it was the right call to make as fires can start inside walls from an overheated electrical fixture.

  “The family evacuated and waited outside for help to arrive. Thankfully, there was no fire in the wall, however, the bathroom fixture had in fact failed,” Kerns said.

  Engines 1 and 2 and Truck 3 responded as well as Blumfield Township’s engine and tender as this call was in the mutual response area in northern Frankenmuth Township. Thirty-five minutes later, all units cleared, including the Frankenmuth Police. A total of 18 FFD fire personnel and five Blumfield firefighters reported for duty.

   Kerns said because local civic groups provide the FFD and FPD with give-away bears for children who may be involved in an incident which can be scary for them, two such bears were given to two young children living at the home.

  “You can imagine their concern when police and fire trucks descend upon their home,” Kerns added.

 Later Thursday afternoon, around 5:30pm, a general fire alarm at the Winter Village, 255 Mayer Road brought the FFD to that location.

  Due to the size of the structure, Engines 1 and 2 and Truck 3 responded to find the source of the alarm. Interior crews and police officers searched the building a found a pull station was activated at the Craemer Hall exit. There was no smoke or fire nor was the person found who was responsible for the activation.

  Crews cleared before 6pm and 14 fire personnel traveled to the fire hall.

  The week wrapped up on Sunday, July 26, with two separate alarms from a home in the 12000 block of Baker Road – one at 4pm and one at 6:03pm. The first was a CO alarm and the second a fire alarm.

  FFD Captain Dan Schneirla said the CO detector alarm was valid as high levels of carbon monoxide were present in the home, however, no one in the home had any medical symptoms.

  Firefighters traced the CO source to a faulty hot water heater and disconnected the unit.

 𠇌O alarms will sound when levels are at approximately 30 parts per million and our detection equipment had levels just about that amount. The alarm did its job alerting the homeowner before it became a major issue,” Schneirla said.

  Firefighters vented the home and cleared after 90 minutes. Almost minutes later, trucks and personnel were called back when the system reset was tripped again. A total of 17 firefighters responded for the two calls.


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