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Legal Notices


City of Frankenmuth



The City of Frankenmuth Board of Review is scheduled for Monday, February 26, 2023 and Tuesday, February 27, 2023 from 1:30 pm to 7:30 pm. The meetings will be held at the City Training Center at 210 North Franklin St, Frankenmuth, MI 48734.  Protests may be presented by the owner or his/her authorized representative or by letter. While appointments are not required, they are strongly encouraged and those with appointments will be given priority.

Questions directly related to assessing should be emailed to or via phone to the City's contract assessor, Legacy Assessing, at 810-750-1660. 
To make an appointment, please email or call 989-652-9901. 

The tentative ratios and multipliers are as follows:

Class                 Ratio      Multiplier

Commercial       49.94          1.0012

Industrial           50.16           0.9968

Residential        46.48           1.0757

Kevin MacDermaid

Legacy Assessing Services Inc.

City Assessor




February 19, 2024

  The Board approved expenditures of $137,822.39 (General Fund) and $8,444.40 (Rubbish Fund). The police report for January included 247 calls for service and 49 traffic stops. There were 9 building permits issued in January. Two budget amendments were approved. Complete meeting minutes are available at the Township office by appointment or at

Luci E. Valone, Clerk

Frankenmuth Township


Blumfield Township

Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes

February 12, 2024

     Supervisor Reinbold called the meeting to order at 7:30pm with board members Daenzer, Huber, and Roethlisberger present.        

Huber moved to approve the January regular meeting minutes and the January special meeting minutes as presented.  Daenzer supported.  Motion carried.     

  Road Advisory – The cost for the bridge on Old Holland has increased drastically.  Still waiting on County for pricing on a cement culvert option. 

Construction Code Group -  Permits for January included 1 Building, 1 Electrical, 1 Plumbing, and 1 Mechanical.   

Zoning – submitted report.

Planning Commission – Reinbold moved to reappoint Kerns and Ebenhoch to the Planning Commission for 3 year terms.  Huber supported.  Motion carried. 

Code Enforcement – submitted report.    

Fire Chief – Runs for January included 1 Assist, 4 MFR, 1 PI, and 1 Disregard.   Training was Emergency Response, SCBA / Gera Inspection. 

  Reese – Runs for January included 2 PIA, 3 Medical, and 2 Fire.   

  Village Manager and Blumfield Supervisor initiated Mutual Aid with Saginaw County. 

Water Authority – Roethlisberger moved to reappoint Howard Bernreuter to the Blumfield Reese Water Authority Board for a 3-year term.  Daenzer supported.  Motion carried. 

Assessor/Board of Review – will meet March 11 and 13. 

Clerk -  Absentee Ballots are available.  Early Voting begins February 17th.   (   

Treasurer – Last day for paying taxes without penalty is February 14, 2024.  The last day to pay at the Township is February 29, 2024. 



Roethlisberger moved to create a ZBA Alternate position.  Daenzer supported.  Motion carried. 

Reinbold moved to appoint Jeff Bierlein as the ZBA Alternate.  Daenzer supported.  Motion carried. 

Roethlisberger moved to enter into an Audit Agreement with Gardner, Provenzano, Thomas, & Luplow for the current fiscal year.  Daenzer supported.  Motion carried. 

Roethlisberger moved to adopt the Hardship Property Tax Reduction Guidelines.  Daenzer supported.  Motion carried. 

Roethlisberger moved to set the Treasurer’s Salary for fiscal year 2024-2025 at $21,780.00.  Huber supported.  Motion carried with Daenzer abstaining. 

Roethlisberger moved to set the Supervisor’s Salary for fiscal year 2024-2025 at $13, 092.00.  Daenzer supported.  Motion carried with Reinbold abstaining. 

Roethlisberger moved to set the Deputy hourly wage for fiscal year 2024-2025 at $16.00/hour.  Daenzer supported.  Motion carried. 

Daenzer moved to set the Clerk’s Salary for fiscal year 2024-2025 at $30,780.00.  Huber supported.  Motion carried with Roethlisberger abstaining. 

Roethlisberger moved to make presented budget amendments.  Daenzer supported.  Motion carried. 

Huber moved to approve presented check register 27037 - 27061, payroll, and monthly EFT’s.  Daenzer supported.  Motion carried.     

The next regular meeting of the Blumfield Board of Trustees will be held Tuesday, March 12, 2024 at 7:30pm at the Blumfield Township Office.        

Roethlisberger moved to adjourn meeting at 8:36pm.   Daenzer supported.  Motion carried. 

Respectfully Submitted,     

Lisa Roethlisberger     

Blumfield Township Clerk      



Decedent’s Estate


Date of Birth: October 5, 1950


NOTICE TO CREDITORS: The decedent/settler, JACALIN M. BOULIEW who lived at 818 Nylon Street, Saginaw, Michigan 48604, died January 5, 2024. There is no personal representative of the Settlor’s estate to whom letters of administration have been issued at this time.

Creditors of the decedent are notified that all claims against the estate will be forever barred unless presented to PAMELA GRAHAM, at 5500 Kochville Road, Saginaw, Michigan 48604, Successor Trustee or Susan M. Williamson, of Zolton Law offices, at 190 East School Street, Frankenmuth, Michigan 48734, as Attorney for the Successor Trustee of the JACALIN M. BOULIEW TRUST NO. 1, DATED MAY 29, 2019, within 4 months after the date of publication of this Notice.

The Estate/Trust will be assigned and distributed to the persons entitled to it.

February 21, 2024


Susan M. Williamson (P51383)

190 East School Street

Frankenmuth, MI 48734

(989) 652-2671



(c) 2006 Frankenmuth News