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Vic's Flick Picks

   (3 popcorn boxes)  

  It has been said that Logan director James Mangold wanted to make a different kind of superhero movie. He did. Logan is not a superhero movie at all. This is a good old-fashioned character-driven drama… warts, humor, angst and heart-wrenching moments included.
  The movie takes place in the nearer-than-you-think future, 2029 to be exact, and mutants have been mostly eradicated. Yikes. We are dropped into the gritty and tragic life of Logan (Hugh Jackman) as he struggles to support an ailing Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart) with the help of an albino mutant named Caliban (Stephen Merchant).  We don’t know how Charles and Logan got to this dystopian future, but the occasional hints in the storyline are not pretty. I’m sure the Marvel Comics Universe (MCU – this franchise has its own acronym! Take that DC Comics!) will catch up eventually. That should be fascinating.
  Soon, Logan and Charles are trying to smuggle a young mutant named Laura (Dafne Keen) to North Dakota and their miserable existence is threatened.
  I could go into the background of Laura and her Wolverine-like talents, how she was created in a lab with dozens of other children using X-Men genetics, how the bad guys are hunting them down and more. But the real heart of this movie is the heart of Logan. He is broken, downtrodden, and has not one give-a-damn left for Laura. He only cares about – and for – Charles.
  It was truly heartbreaking to watch Logan turn his back on everything and everyone to get Charles to safety. His devotion is exhausting and at times frustrating, but undeniable.
  I found the R-rated violence to be necessary for the tone of this film. We are not watching the X-Men save mankind or fluffy kittens, this is blood, gore and fighting for your life. It hurts to watch. 
  Three out of five boxes for Logan. Jackman and Stewart are, of course, brilliant. The young Laura was less impressive, but this film is not about her. Without spoiling the plot, I can let you know that the ending is exactly what it should be and what you expect. I was unhappy with having more questions than answers in this story, but patience is a virtue. 
  Logan is rated R for language, gore and brutal violence. This is not a comic book movie for your youngsters, this is a tale for X-Men aficionados.
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  Hugh Jackman is lovely to look at, but I also enjoyed his voice talents as the Easter Bunny in this 2012 animated feature.

    I am actually a big fan of Nicholas Hoult. He is quite loyal in this 2010 Greek mythology action. Clash of the Titans.



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