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Vic's Flick Picks

Men in Black: International

(3 popcorn boxes)

  On-screen chemistry is a real thing. I absolutely loved Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth together in Thor: Ragnarok (as Valkyrie and Thor). In fact, it is the main reason I went to see Men in Black: International. Even though the thought of a fourth installment seemed lame and not likely to be entertaining…Thompson and Hemsworth seemed worth the ticket price.

  You’ll be happy to know I was 100% correct. Men in Black: International was lame and not very entertaining, but Thompson and Hemsworth were fun to watch.

  Men in Black – a super-secret organization that protects Earth from the scum of the universe – has wiped the memory of a young couple who discover an alien in their backyard. The MiB failed to notice that young daughter, Molly, witnessed the encounter. Fast forward to a grown-up Molly (Thompson), who is obsessed with finding and joining the Men in Black.

 She finds them (obviously, or there would be no film) and is partnered with veteran Agent H (Hemsworth) and they save the world.

  That sums it up, but mostly this film is awash with CGI effects and chase scenes and little story. Molly is tireless in finding MiB, and when she does find them, she becomes an inept and fumbling Agent M. Agent H has a reputation for saving the world, but is world-weary and burned out.

  My analysis is that the characterization of Agent M and Agent H is poorly written. The on-screen chemistry is ignored to the detriment of the entire film. The original Men in Black (Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones) was great fun and action, this incarnation had a slapped-together story filled with alien CGI and a no-fun cliché about a mole in the organization. Boring.

  I give Men in Black: International three boxes, which seems high for a movie I did not like, but the actions scenes and aliens were good for a laugh, Thompson and Hemsworth are fun, but if you decide to spend your money on a ticket, don’t expect the awesome Valkyrie and Thor… the writers give us more of a Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis pairing. Only not as entertaining. The movie is rated PG-13 for sci-fi action and mild language.

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    Emma Thompson appears as high-ranking Agent O in this film. My favorite Thompson movies are Love Actually, Sense and Sensibility and Harry Potter, of course. She won an Acadamy Award for this 1992 film.


  You must live under a rock if you don’t know that Sophie Turner is a featured actor in this mega popular HBO series. Game of Thrones.


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