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Vic's Flick Picks

13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi

(2 Popcorn Boxes)  

  “This is a true story.” That is the sentence that begins this journey into military action and Middle East danger. I have to admit, this story is absolutely nothing like the information I remember from the news coverage of the Embassy attack in Benghazi. In fact, according to this film, the installations that were attacked were not Embassies at all…simply a temporary outpost… and a secret CIA annex. What? Now we’ve violated CIA security and I’ll be looking over my shoulder for years.
  Basically, six contact workers are in Benghazi as security for the CIA annex. The CIA workers don’t think they are necessary. Nobody in Libya wants to hurt them…they love Americans. The contract workers are ex-military, some SEALS, some rangers, green berets, you get the picture.
  Tyrone (James Badge Dale) is the leader of this group, including newcomer Jack (John Krasinski). The story lets us get to know them, but not much. Just enough so we’ll care if they are killed by Libyans. I don’t think that worked as well as it should. I don’t even remember the characters names, much less which one liked to read philosophy and which one was a Navy SEAL, etc. It was hard to tell them apart…the beards didn’t help.
  The cinematography and sense of heat, desert, being in the midst of unknown enemies was well done. The action was intense once it got started. I was amazed that any of these men survived this relentless assault, and amazed that independent contractors thought the U.S. military would give them back-up and support. Of course, the validity of the story is questionable. But if you look at it like any another war movie…it works for battle and adventure and also throws some humor at you now and then to keep you from falling asleep in the trenches.
  Only two out of five boxes for 13 Hours. At 144 minutes, it was at least 40 minutes too long. The horrifying death of the ambassador was skimmed over in order to focus on the security detail and I think that was a major flaw in the storyline. This film is rated R for combat violence, bloody images and strong language. If you like war movies, this is more of the same.
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    My husband is a big fan of war movies. Platoon, Black Hawk Down, Saving Private Ryan but his favorites almost always star John Wayne, like this 1968 classic co-starring David Janssen and Jim Hutton.

  Will Poulter also appeared in the 2014 Maze Runner, but some might also remember him from the 2010 film, a third installment of a classic children’s book series. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.



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