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We hope you enjoy this abbreviated version of the

Frankenmuth News

Serving Frankenmuth Since 1906

Vol. 114 No. 38 - In our 114th year!

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

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Mayor Ackerman addresses residents about coronavirus

Dear Community of Frankenmuth;

  I want to take this opportunity to provide you with an update on how we, as a community, are responding to the COVID-19 situation.  

  We have established a Community Task Force, which includes local health care providers, the Frankenmuth Police Department, Frankenmuth Fire Department, Frankenmuth Chamber of Commerce, Frankenmuth Schools, local churches, Wickson District Library, directors of Senior care centers, and City Leaders. The 24-member team is meeting regularly to review updates from government and health officials, share resident and business concerns, coordinate services, and disseminate timely and accurate information. This past Sunday volunteers distributed a flyer to each residence with information assembled by the Task Force.

  We have established a number of resources where you can access information current information and updates.

• The City of Frankenmuth website 

• The Frankenmuth Chamber of Commerce website

• City Information Phone Line with a daily recorded message and the option to speak to a person or leave a message (989-652-3441)

• Local Cable Channel 191 (Charter/Spectrum) broadcasting local church services and public service announcements

• City of Frankenmuth Facebook and Twitter

• Frankenmuth News

  Our local medical providers are imploring us to be diligent about social distancing. In a community that thrives on gathering, this is particularly difficult. Please follow these recommendations.

• Eliminate gatherings. This includes gathering for a neighborhood party, at the playground, at the basketball court or soccer field, and bringing children together for a playdate.

• If you are feeling ill, your first step should be to phone your physician or urgent care center. They will help you determine the next steps.

• Please phone your elderly or homebound neighbors. If you suspect someone needs assistance, contact the City resource line at 989-652-3441.  

  Please know if you need help, we are here for you. If you need someone to pick up a prescription, if you need help with grocery shopping or meals, or perhaps just need someone to talk to, a network of volunteers is ready to serve.   Call 989.652.3441 for help.

  The German translation of Frankenmuth means the Courage of the Franconians. Like those that came before us, our courage and faith will see us through.  

Mary Anne Ackerman

Mayor of Frankenmuth



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Our office hours will be

8am-5pm on Monday and Tuesday,

8am-1pm on Wednesday and 

CLOSED Thursday-Sunday.

Stay Home! Stay Safe! Save Lives!

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