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  Jaycees' Spray Park to close Sept. 22 for the season

Summer will officially come to end for those who enjoyed the Frankenmuth Jaycees Spray Park this season.

  Frankenmuth Parks and Recreation Department Director Daren Kaschinske said the spray park will close Sunday afternoon, September 22, for 2019. It will be operational 10am until 8pm Saturday and Sunday, and after school today through Friday.

  The long-range forecast is perfect, with temperatures expected to be in the low 80s through Sunday.

  “Overall, it was a good first year. It got a lot of use,” Kaschinske said of the park, which opened for the first time in late June. The Jaycees raised nearly $1 million to build the facility in Memorial Park.

 Kaschinske noted parents with children with disabilities really enjoyed the park, using walkers and wheelchairs to enjoy the spraying water.

  “We had no major problems but we’ll make a few minor tweaks before next year,” Kaschinske said.


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