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"Empty the Shelters” free adoption day Oct. 22

  Pet Angel Adoption & Rescue announced that they are participating in the Bissell Foundations "Empty the Shelters" day on Saturday, Oct. 22. 
  "Thanks to the generosity of the Grand Rapids based Bissell Foundation, participating shelters and rescues around Michigan are able to offer free adoptions on this special day", Pet Angel President Nancy Engel states.  "We are very excited to be one of the area groups that were selected to participate!"
  Pet Angel, which is located at 380 List Street in Frankenmuth, will be open on Saturday Oct. 22 from 11am-4pm and will be offering free adoptions of all cats and kittens that day. Interested adopters are asked to bring with them the name and number of their vet and two non-related references. "Even though adoptions are free, our screen process is still in place to ensure great homes for our beloved animals", Engel said.
  To see the cats and kittens available at Pet Angel go to their website,


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