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Jaycees Joyful Jubilation competition begins . . . and the votes are coming in!

  The Frankenmuth Jaycees are getting into the spirit of the season, organizing and hosting a Neighborhood Decorating Competition for the community.

  𠇍o you love Christmas decorations? Well now is the time to prove it,” Jaycee Decorating Contest Chairperson Shari Palmer said.

  Participation is simple and there is no cost to register a home or property. To sign up a house, fill out the online form at or call (989-652-6106). Once successfully registered, persons can pick up their yard sign at the Frankenmuth Chamber of Commerce’s Visitors Center, with hours Monday through Friday, 8am-5pm, Saturday 10am-6pm and Sunday noon to 5pm.

  The competition is open to residents in Frankenmuth City and Frankenmuth Township.

  When picking up the yard sign, the homeowner will be assigned a number. Property agents are to place the sign in their yard near the road or street so those driving by can see the sign. If possible, Palmer recommends shining a spotlight on the sign or light around it to make it easier to view in the evening.

  Once the property is decorated, place the yard sign and “sit back and let the votes come in,” Palmer said. Votes are submitted via text. To vote, simply type the word JOY20 in a text message and send it to 64600, then reply with the number assigned to the chosen house. Instructions will also be on the signs.

  The top three homes with the most votes will be awarded prizes, along with bragging rights. The Jaycees will also be judging for the best decorated neighborhood. “Make sure your neighbors join in the fun and decorate, too,” Palmer added.

  To participate in the competition, persons must register the home by 5pm Sunday, November 29. The Jaycees Joyful Jubilation competition will begin Monday, November 30, and will end at midnight Wednesday, December 23.

  For more information, visit the Frankenmuth Jaycees Facebook page.


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