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Frankenmudder 2020 to operate virtually

  The Frankenmudder could become very creative for participants this year.

  The annual 5K mud fun run normally takes place in mid-July on a course that begins at the Michigan Heroes Museum, 1250 Weiss Street, and ends in Heritage Park and the Harvey Kern Community Pavilion – with a few stops in man-made mud pits and the Cass River.

 Like many other events in the state, the COVID-19 pandemic is the reason for making this year’s event virtual.

  This year’s event was scheduled for Saturday, July 18, with times slotted for groups between 8am and noon. The Mudder was created to support the Michigan Heroes Museum, with 100-percent of the profits benefiting the museum’s daily operations, educational programs (K-12), ongoing research, special exhibits, including the “Hero Next Door Program (traveling displays to honor local hometown heroes) and artifact preservation.

  The event was started because it is difficult to operate a museum nationwide with admission funding alone. Grants and private donations do help, but coming up with new fundraising events make a difference on an annual basis.

  Jeff Titsworth is this year’s chairman of the Frankenmudder Committee.

  Registration costs are $35, $45 or $55 per person, depending on which type of gear the person selects. Competitors should go online to select a race package – each includes an item of clothing, a dog tag and a finisher medal.

  Next, persons need to pick their fitness level and complete their run before July 18. There are three levels – Captain Ranking (easy), Major Ranking (moderate) and General Ranking (difficult). Visit the website, to get the exercise descriptions.

  “We all know that the real reason you run the Mudder is to get muddy and so this is where we need you to be creative. We’ve added some place in our runs to get muddy and we do not care how you do it,” Titsworth said.  “Have someone pour it on you. Jump in a puddle of it, Belly slide through it. Be creative and get muddy.”

  All three including running or walking 5K, with at least three stations to get muddy. The exercises are where the difficulty comes in. Persons may also customize things to fit their needs while staying safe.

  Participants need to be sure and take some race videos or finish-line selfies showing their creativity and tags on Facebook or Instagram with the address, #virtualFrankenMudder2020 to be entered to win free gear from the online store.


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