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Pastor's Column

From advent to armageddon ... and beyond!

  There seems to be an over abundance of concern, uncertainty, and fear that is overwhelming many people today.  Thankfully the pre-election rhetoric has ceased in which candidates strove to create an attitude of fear if we voted for “the other” candidate.  But now the post-election rhetoric is quickly picking up the pace as people attempt to predict the consequences that will result from electing the people who won.  There is so much information to process that it becomes very confusing and unsettling, to say nothing for what is added to the confusion by the plethora of misinformation and just plain untruths that fill the air waves every day.  
  And if all that isn’t enough, we step out of the election season and right into Advent.  Have you been listening to the messages from God Himself in Scripture as you go to church during this Advent season.  In case you missed it, the end of the world is coming.  Judgment Day is just around the corner.  And if you quit listening before God (or your Pastor) is finished talking, you might easily overlook “the rest of the story” and be filled with alarm, fear, and other unsettling feelings.
  And then there are the innumerable events and circumstances happening every day in the lives of every person living on this earth which are often the cause for equal amounts of anxiety as people wonder what the outcome will be of the issues being faced ... a drunk driving ticket, a court ordered rehabilitation, a divorce paper being filed, a terrorist threat or attack, an outbreak of violence in our schools or community, a natural disaster, a Doctor’s report of a terminal illness, and the list goes on and on.
  Indeed we do live in uncertain, unsettling, anxious times.  While we cannot control what is going on around us, we can control what is going on inside of us.  And it is equally important to remind yourself, and others, of this truth, that we live in faith under the hand of God who is in control of all things.  I would suggest that as we step into each uncertain tomorrow of our lives, we should do two things.  
  One, we should take with us the unchanging truths which are found in 
Isaiah 43:1-3 / Isaiah 41:10-13 / Proverbs 3:5-6 / Proverbs 21:1 / Romans 8:31-39
Please take the time to open your Bible at home and read these verses and meditate on them.  Consider what they are saying.  Remember these verses every day.  As you head out into the world of the unknown each morning, take with you what you do know as written in the verses above.  And have a good day as you live your life to God’s glory and let God take care of all the uncertainties.
  And secondly, I would conclude with a simple word of encouragement from a mutual friend of all of ours, namely Billy Graham, who once said ... “I’ve read the last page of the Bible.  It’s all going to turn out all right!”  Now that you know, enjoy the life God gives you to His glory.


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