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Pastor's Column

Good news indeed!

  Many times in our everyday lives we need a reminder that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is daily good news to us and through us to others.
  Investigate the beginnings of the ministry of Jesus in his biographies found in the Bible books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Notice the details that are often missed- especially as we become too familiar with the scripture: Notice that people are drawn to Jesus very quickly by both his good words and his good actions. He is stating the remarkable in saying “repent for the Kingdom of God is near!” Even more, He is backing up the message with a demonstration of God’s power unleashed in people’s lives.
  Biographer Matthew wastes no time telling us how Jesus starts the ministry, and then hosts a massive teaching seminar we call “The Sermon on the Mount”. In that sermon, Jesus gave his first followers a new way to understand God’s love and care for them in their everyday world.
  For the follower of Jesus, daily life is a constant reminder to be dependent on the good news of Christ. The Son tells us that The Father provides for fields of wild-flowers and the tiny birds of the air. It’s good news to know that He will care for us when we most need it. The Son tells us that The Father will hear our constant prayers, forgive us as we are forgiving of others, lift us up when life pushes us down. That is good news indeed!
  What good news has Christ done in your life this week? How can you share the good news with your family, friends, and Frankenmuth neighbors? God’s kingdom has invaded history, 


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