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Pastor's Column

And who knows but that you have come for such a time as this

  These words from the book of Esther are familiar words. They have reminded me often that while I may not always understand what God is doing, or how my actions may make a difference in the world, God is at work. Both in those times when we can see the results, and on those occasions when we can only lift it to God’s blessing as the river of life carries us on our way. 
  That’s what ministry is: a word, a prayer, a friendship, a journey together for a time. In a few weeks, I will be leaving Frankenmuth for a new assignment in the Upper Peninsula. Changes happen often among United Methodists, but it still brings a deep sense of thankfulness to a community that reached out and welcomed my family and me so warmly. For my colleagues Fr. Robert Byrne, Pastor Mark Brandt, Pastor Joseph Berkobien, and Pastor Nathan Mains who shepherd their congregations with grace and faithfulness sharing life and hope so abundantly. For our schools and the support our children have received in growing into the men and women our entire community can be proud of. Most of all I give thanks to God for a group of people who have allowed me to be their pastor. It is not always easy to form new relationships knowing that the day will come when those bonds will be broken, but the alternative is to never discover what God might have had in store. 
  It is often said that when a person touches our lives, we are forever changed. I leave Frankenmuth and the many relationships shared, thankful for the blessing this community has opened to us, and hopeful that in this time God has been working mightily. God’s garden is like that. Seeds are planted, tended and loved, and in the Spirit’s time we recognize God’s hand in it all. 
  Thank you, Frankenmuth, for your warmth and welcome. May this community continue to be blessed as it blesses. Auf wiedersehen!

 Pastor Scott Harmon 


(c) 2006 Frankenmuth News