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FSD hears Eagle club sports discussion

  Frankenmuth High School athletics have been quite successful across the board since the school’s founding in the late 1950s.

  Four newer sporting programs, however, remain as club teams and lack the status of varsity squads.

  FHS Athletic Director Kevin Schwedler addressed the Frankenmuth School District Board of Education on Monday, March 12, giving informational updates on the school’s four current club teams – girls’ golf, competitive cheer and boys’ and girls’ bowling.

  Schwedler mentioned that 51 students are involved in club sports and 45 percent of the FHS student population participates in at least one sport per school year.

  Through a power point presentation, Schwedler broke down all four club sports, giving their history, coaching and participation. Presented as information only, the summary of club cost if funded by the school district would take $6,500 – nearly all of that cost covering coaching salaries and transportation.

  He also pointed out that when a club sport is elevated to a varsity level, the $150 pay-to-play would kick in. Club sports athletes are exempt from pay-to-play, which is one-time fee no matter if a student plays one or more sports.

 Reasons to fund these club sports include opportunity for students, program stability, coaching stability and a better role for the AD.

  All coaches are volunteers and transportation is on their own.

  The school board will revisit club sport funding at its Monday, April 9, board meeting.

  Girls’ golf is oldest of the club sports, founded in 2007. Since that time, the Lady Eagles have been to six state finals (taking seventh place last year) and the girls have earned 3.5 GPAs or higher every year. Thirteen girls were on the team last fall.

  The girls, like the boys’ team in the spring, uses The Fortress Golf Course for practice and for 1-2 matches a year. The Fortress charges $600 for the fall season for practice.

  The sport has had four head coaches, currently Doug Schneider is the head coach. Assisting are Scott Wenzel and Ryan Piesko.

  In 2013, the program founded the Patriot Cup Golf Tournament as a remembrance to events of September 11, 2001.

  “They run a fantastic event in the Patriot Cup, giving the student-athletes a history lesson . . . it’s more than a tourney,” Schwedler stated.

  The Patriot Cup draws 20 golf teams, is a fundraiser for the program and is played as close as possible to September 11.

  The Frankenmuth Athletic Association recognizes club sports and assists when able. Recently, the FAA purchased 20 golf bags ($2,900), financial support for state finals and an indoor golf simulator for the FHS multi-purpose turf room ($1,600). The clubs and other equipment are owned by the individual players.

  Girls’ golf has been blessed with transportation financial support from Matt and Abby Curtis of Frankenmuth, in providing money to pay for rental vans for about 10-12 matches or tourneys.

  Boys’ and girls’ bowling was established in 2013. Matches are played on Saturdays and the use of Candlelite Bowling Center for practicing is free.

  The program has had some league success and sent individual bowlers to MHSAA Individual State Finals.

  Currently, Ron Krueger is coaching the boys and Laurie Harrington the girls, with assistant Theresa Kubiak.

  The FAA has supported the programs with MHSAA finals financial support, team towels and tournament fees.

  Competitive cheer was formed in 2015 and is currently coached by Brianna McKenna. About 16-20 girls were on last year’s team, which had six meets and the Eagle Invitational as a fundraiser.

  The program has improved all three years, this year one step away from qualifying for the MHSAA regional meet this winter.

  The FAA has backed competitive cheer, spending $4,000 on mats and $1,600 on uniforms.

  Currently, the FSD’s role in all or most of four programs is scheduling, certificates/awards, eligibility, MHSAA rules, TVC rules and accounting and practice/competition space.

  “There are plenty of numbers for the club teams. My role now is more of a liaison with the coaches, with no hiring of coaches involved,” Schwedler said.

  Schwedler also gave a brief update on the status of the overall TVC.

  Carrollton is leaving the TVC West to join Frankenmuth in the East. The East will also have Birch Run, Bridgeport, Essexville Garber and Millington, leaving a 6-school league.

  The biggest change will come for boys’ and girls’ basketball teams. Crossover contests will take place with the TVC Central, which also has six teams. Fridays will see the boys’ and girls’ teams playing together. Thursdays will be for freshmen and junior varsity squads and the two varsity teams will travel to opposite sites on Tuesdays.

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