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  The Frankenmuth Police Department handled a pair of minor accidents and larceny of tires last week.
  FPD Chief Don Mawer said his officers were called to the Frankenmuth Car Care, 520 North Main Street, during the afternoon of Wednesday, July 22.
  The incident began around 8:30am that morning when two male subjects approached an employee, asking for old tires they wish to get rid of. The two were led to a building where the old tires were stored. They loaded up the tires and left the scene.
  Later in the day, the business owner was reviewing video footage and observed the two taking more than old tires.
  While they were left unsupervised, the two also stole 21 brand-new tires, valued around $1,500.
  The video footage is being analyzed and still photos are to be created.
  One subject is a white male, ages 35-40, slim in build, about 5-foot-6, wearing a dark t-shirt, a bandana on his head and he has numerous tattoos on his arms and face. The second subject is a white male, heavy set, ages 30-40 with brown hair, about 5-10, wearing a red t-shirt with cut-off sleeves.
  The get-away vehicle is an early 2000s GMC pickup truck with a crew cab, dark in color and sporting a white topper. They left the scene on North Franklin Street.
  Persons with information should contact the FPD at 652-8371 or by email address, and follow the links to police.
  Shortly after 5pm on Tuesday, July 21, officers were called to a rear-end collision accident on Dehmel Road, at Junction Road.
  A 53-year-old Saginaw female was southbound on Dehmel Road, stopped for the stop sign, when another southbound vehicle, driven by a 45-year-old Frankenmuth female, struck her from behind.
  The 53-year-old complained of minor neck and back pain but sought her own treatment.
  Both vehicles were driven away from the scene and no tickets were issued.
  Around 8:30pm Friday, July 24, officers handled a motorcycle accident at South Main and East Jefferson streets.
  A 62-year-old Birch Run Township man was southbound on Main Street and when he turned east on to Jefferson Street, he lost control of his bike and slid about 10 feet.
  The cyclist suffered minor injuries but refused medical treatment. He was wearing a helmet.


FPD assisted "distressed" dogs

  Animals in distress due to the heat were two cases handled by the Frankenmuth Police Department this past week.
  Both instances took place on Saturday, July 25, in downtown Frankenmuth.
  The first call came in shortly before 2pm in the 700 block of South Main Street when a concerned citizen witnessed a dog overheating in vehicle.
  Officers were able to open the vehicle, remove the dog and revived it with water and care. FPD Chief Don Mawer said the dog was distressed to the point they could not wait for the Saginaw Animal Control to arrive in the parking lot.
  When the owner returned, a 38-year-old Novi female, she was upset that someone had retrieved her dog.
  “She told officers she was frequently checking on her dog, however, we had the dog out of the car over 25 minutes before she arrived so it was likely an hour,” Mawer said.
  Officers sent the necessary paperwork to the Saginaw County Prosecutor’s Office for a possible charge of animal cruelty.
  Four hours later, shortly after 6pm, a concerned citizen contacted the police of a dog showing signs of distress. The car was parked in the 600 block of South Main Street.
  The temperatures in the vehicle were around 100 degrees when he was retrieved.
  The FPD summoned Reinert & Bender Auto Repair and Towing to open the locked car. When the officer and a Frankenmuth Fire Department firefighter attempted to leash the dog, the animal bit both men, causing minor injuries.
  The owner, a female from Ohio, returned to her car to find the dog in police custody. She was upset and officers will seek animal cruelty charges through the Saginaw County Prosecutor’s Office.

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