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(Four Popcorn boxes)

  Ideals are peaceful. History is violent.

  In April 1945, the Americans and their Allies were trying to end World War II. But the Germans held their home ground at times by destroying it. The Allies were out manned and out armored. A young soldier asks “where is the front?” The answer? “Look around, we’re in Germany, fighting Germans.”

  Written and directed by David Ayers, Fury is a little ‘slice of war’ film with no beginning and no end. Just a scoop from the middle of a war. Heartbreaking, scary, infuriating and real.

  Sergeant Don Collier (Brad Pitt) leads his platoon in a Sherman tank – the tank’s name is Fury. His men Gordo (Michael Pena), Boyd (Shia LaBeouf), Grady (Jon Bernthal) and rookie Norman (Logan Lehrman) are not saints or even good guys most of the time. What they are is loyal unto death to each other.

  We ride along with them in that tank as they rescue trapped patrols, capture a German town and even take on a German Tiger tank. The ride is uncomfortable, haunting and even funny. I didn’t even know you could put five men in a tank!

  You’ll see the usual Americans being horrible to prisoners of war and you’ll see the stereotypical evil child-killing Nazi. But the conversations between the soldiers are deep, ridiculous and more real than you might think.

  Fury is not remarkable for its storyline. I’ve seen better, more complete and more accurate war movies. What is remarkable are Brad Pitt, Shia LaBeouf and Logan Lehrman. The acting was superb and the characters mesmerizing even when chilling. When we get to the inevitable stand off at the end, you will be breathless with fear and anticipation.

  Four boxes out of five for Fury. The violence and intense situations are chilling, and you will fall in love with Boyd as he yells “On one!” before he launches that missile. The edge-of-my seat atmosphere was what I had hoped for and didn’t get in Gone Girl. I just had to wait for the soldiers. Fury is rated R for extreme war violence, language and grisly images.

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  I did not expect the strength of acting from Shia LaBeouf that I saw in Fury. I still think of him as the hapless guy who believes his neighbor is murdering people in this 2007 thriller.


        I like Luke Evans, but in this 2011 swashbuckler, I was a bit distracted by his resemblance to Orlando Bloom.     I like Luke Evans, but in this 2011 swashbuckler, I was a bit distracted by his resemblance to Orlando Bloom.   The Three Musketeers.





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