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Pastor's Column

Just as he said

  Greetings fellow Christians!  Have your feet landed back down on the ground yet after the inspiring events of Easter when we celebrated the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ?  While the worship we all experienced on Easter morning was a step or two above a normal Sunday worship service, yet it is also true that the “high” we experience in Easter worship quickly gives way to a return back to the familiar hum drum of a normal week.  That’s too bad, because once lifted up and inspired it would be wonderful to maintain that new level of joy and excitement about our faith in Jesus.  Perhaps there is some help to this end found in some words often skipped over all to quickly as unimportant.
  In Matthew’s account of the resurrection of Jesus in chapter 28 he tells us that when the women went to the tomb of Jesus on Easter morning an angel greeted them with these words ... “He is not here; He has risen, just as He said.”  Now we have all no doubt spent time meditating on these powerful words: “HE IS NOT HERE” or maybe “HE IS RISEN”.  But how many times have we given a second not to the words “JUST AS HE SAID”?   Note the angel told the women exactly what had just happened, that Jesus is not here in the tomb because He has risen from the dead.  But then the angel adds these words ... “JUST AS HE SAID”.  It’s like the women were to gain some helpful reminder from these words that would help them grasp the magnitude of the truth of what had just taken place.  
  While we can only ponder on what it must have been like to stand at the open, empty tomb of Jesus and hear these words of the angel, we actually do share the same experience with the women each time we face an unbelievable, frightening, confusing dilemma in life that leaves us feeling scared and alone.  And it is for just a time as that when these words of the Easter angel should be especially helpful for us.  Troubles, confusion, set backs, crisis, fear ... all of these things can blur our vision and memory and faith.  When that happens we forget that our God is faithful and true to His Word and promises to us.  And so it is good to be reminded of “what He has said”.  Even though there are many times when our troubles cause us to feel like we are all alone, God reminds us over and over again ... �r Not ... for I am with you” (Ps 23:4 many more). 
  Just as Jesus had said to His disciples that He would die and be buried and on the third day rise again (AND SO HE WAS), so also Jesus has also said to each of us ...  “Have no fear / be not afraid / fear not ... for I am with you” (AND SO HE IS).  Yes, He is with us every step of the way, every day, JUST AS HE SAID.  
  So, all you Easter people, take heart and face what ever you are facing with this Easter confidence that our living Lord Jesus is with you always, JUST AS HE SAID He would be!



(c) 2006 Frankenmuth News