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Pastor's Column

Don’t throw it away…

  Jesus invited, 𠇊re you tired? Worn out?.... Come to me. Get away with me and you’ll recover     your life. (Matthew 11:28 – The Message)

  My wife and I have a Keurig coffee maker that we’ve enjoyed for a number of years. Lately it’s been acting up though. We’ve read the manual, once again performed the routine patience that one does, all to no avail. It has sat on the counter for a week unused, before being helped to the garage in preparation for… the trash. 
  As a boy I can remember my Grandfather saving every screw, nut, or bolt he came across. They went into coffee cans in the shop. I can still hear him say, “You never know when you might need one.” To a large extent that outlook has disappeared from our world. “It’s time to get a new one,” is our mantra now. We live in such abundance that everything from coffee makers, to lawn furniture, to relationships are disposable. The effort required to fix something is not nearly as appealing as acquiring a new one. 
  And yet, Jesus invited the broken, the worn out, the “thrown out by society” to walk with him. Certainly there were those with little interest. Those hard to be around, who didn’t fit into a smooth running operation, but Jesus wasn’t seeking to run a business he was building the Kingdom of God.
  I like to imagine that Jesus enjoying a good cup of coffee, sitting by a fire in the early morning light. It brings him a little closer to my life, but I’m not expecting to ever know. What I’m much more convinced of is that he could fix things – he wanted to fix things – to fix us that we can have real life. 
  I’m glad Jesus hasn’t given up on me…. So, I’m going to get that coffee maker from the garage and Google to see just how it might be fixed. Don’t know if I can, but I’m not giving up! To God be the glory! 


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