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Vol. 111 No. 16   In our 111th year!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016


Water line projects making progress

  Ken O'Brien has been quite busy in recent weeks with his job as Frankenmuth City water superintendent.
  O'Brien is overseeing the Cass River water main work, where over 800-linear feet of 10-inch line was bored under the river, between the Frankenmuth Waste Water Treatment Plant, Gunzenhausen Street and Edward Zehnder Park.
  “The water main under the river is complete to Zehnder Park. Yesterday (October 25), we began preparing the area for sod,” O'Brien said. “The line has been tested, sampled and has chloride. But there is a lot to do on the south side in the valve vault.”
  The city has three water lines that run under the Cass – a pair of 12 inch cast iron lines and the new eight inch.  The new 10 inch replaces an eight-inch line that was broken last year during construction for the Frankenmuth Fish Passage Rock Ramp project.
  The city rotates use of the cast iron lines on a weekly basis, installed in the 1930s. The new line is made of  high-density polyethylene 
  Super Construction of Bay City is handling the work at a cost of $337,632. The total project cost is $470,226. The United States Army Corps of Engineers gave the city $90,000 credit as they were responsible for the water main break.
  Mary Lane and Mary Lane Court have been under construction for about a month, between West Tuscola and Cramer Street. The entire stretch, plus the court, will be repaved. 
  A new eight-inch water main replaces the existing six-inch line on Mary Lane, just past the court and including the court.
  O'Brien said the water main work was definitely needed as several water main breaks have occurred during construction.
  “We knew it was bad when breaks took place during the work, even from the truck vibration,” O'Brien said.
  The water mains are being tested, with about 16 customers getting new hook up mains. Repaving will take place over the next two to three weeks.



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