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TELLER SERVICES . . . will return to the Frankenmuth Credit Union’s main branch office, 580 North Main Street, on Saturday, August 1. The FCU will vacate their temporary office at 111 North Main Street. Above, construction workers prepare the drive-through lanes for asphalt. Please see the story at the left. (News photo)


  The Frankenmuth Credit Union is counting down the days and weeks when its staff and members can call 580 North Main Street home again.
  The first phase in the process will begin this Saturday, August 1, when the teller services will be uprooted from 111 North Main Street and be relocated to their headquarters.
  “The plan for Saturday, August 1, is to have just the drive through only open at the 111 N. Main office and have both the lobby and drive through open at 580 North Main,” Marketing & Community Development Coordinator Greg Dietrich said.
  Over the weekend, the FCU staff will remove all its equipment. The dark brick building will be demolished next week and construction will begin for a new CVS Health pharmacy.
  The second phase includes a Tuesday, September 1 completion of management offices, a 250-seat community room located at the garden level and the board room that will sit atop of the four-lane drive through.
   A Thursday, October 1 overall completion date is targeted. A Frankenmuth Chamber of Commerce After Hours and grand opening is set for Thursday, October 8. They will also celebrate the 50th anniversary of the FCU.
  The FCU’s main office was constructed 16 years ago, moving from the Bavarian Mall. Gilmour Construction and William Bronner & Son are the general contractors.
  �ter completion, we will have doubled the size of the original building,” FCU CEO Vickie Schmitzer said. 
  The structure, which has a lower level and second floor, will measure approximately 40,000-square feet.
  With over 30,000 members and $350 million in assets, the main office needed to expand in order to keep pace with its growing membership.
  The next door administrative building houses Neighborhood Mortgage Solutions, which is also growing. The FCU also plans on adding its own line of insurance.
  Persons using the drive-through service should enter on Koester Drive, between North Main and North Franklin streets. There is a single, one-way entry that opens into four lanes. Members may exit east or west of the drive through.
  Members entering the building will use the usual east foyer. They will be greeted by a large help or concierge desk. On the other side of the desk will be six teller stations ready to greet the members.
  The new expansion will feature more private office space for all the credit union’s many services. Expanding the community room, which is open to the public and rented for a variety of occasions, also has more amenities. 
  Schmitzer said she had to ask some of the staff members to work remotely and from home because they were unable to find room for them.
  "By expanding, we will be able to bring them back and have our administration and call center under one roof,” Schmitzer said.
  Approximately 150 persons are employed at the 15 branch offices located in the Saginaw Valley and the Thumb. A new branch office was recently opened in Elkton.

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