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Mcnally seeks Frankenmuth photos to create a local memory book to showcase the community


Dear Editor:  

  In today’s world, everyone has a camera in hand. Smart phones have created an environment where we can capture beautiful scenery, or a special moment in an instant. Those pictures not only capture a memory, but have the potential to show many others the charm that appeals to those who visit our unique town.

  Many other towns and cities in Michigan have beautiful books showcasing the features of their area. Frankenmuth currently does not. With people coming from all over the United States, and world for that matter, to visit this beautiful community, a book would be a perfect memory. It would not only feature the scenic beauty, but also capture the essence of the welcoming atmosphere and personal touches that Frankenmuth is known for.

  Frankenmuth is not a summer destination, it’s a year-round destination. The book needs to reflect that. All seasons need to be represented; each season possesses a unique atmosphere. There are so many opportunities for pictures that will provide the essence of our town. Pictures that represent our history of farming, the importance of family in our community, how the community celebrates Faith, the architecture downtown and the different festivals that take place year-round. Not only do we want to show the physical beauty of sunsets, flowers and other scenery that surrounds the Frankenmuth area, we want to capture the essence of why people are so attracted to this community.

  If you have a picture that you have taken in the past or in the near future that you feel encompasses the feeling of Frankenmuth, please consider submitting if for consideration in the book. Submission information will be available in the coming weeks, so start looking through the pictures you have and be on the lookout for opportunities to capture a moment that encompasses what Frankenmuth is to you. While all of the details have not yet been worked out, we did not want you to miss out on the opportunity to capture the beauty that the current and upcoming seasons have to offer. The goal is to have the book ready for print in the second half of 2018.

Thank you in advance,

Sharril McNally



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