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    Police Report  


FPD warn of vehicle larcenies

  Frankenmuth Police Chief Don Mawer is warning city residents to lock up their vehicles . . . even if they are parked in their driveways.

  Mawer said at least eight total vehicle larcenies took place between 3-6am on Monday, February 10, with most reported around 8am.

  “Most of the vehicles that were entered were unlocked; fortunately, residents have reported little missing from their cars,” Mawer said. “They are trolling through residential neighborhoods, checking the car handles and if open, they quickly rummage through their belongs and leave.”

  Most of the reports have come along the West Ardussi Street corridor and some in Kingsbrook, but they are happening in other scattered areas.

  A residential surveillance camera did pickup what police to be the suspect vehicle, a small crossover SUV, possible a Dodge. Four persons are part of the ring – one driver and three subjects that jump out and search the vehicles.

  Mawer urges any citizens with information or who may have seen suspicious activity during these early hours to contact the FPD at 989-652-8371 or visit their Facebook page.

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