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Frankenmuth Fire Dept.
Letter to Editor



"We were the land of the free"


  I was very disappointed to learn that Memorial Day Services will be cancelled. Attending the Memorial Service was important to my family as it was a day to honor our veterans who fought and died for our freedom. It is an outside service at our cemeteries with plenty of space where social distancing can easily be practiced with families sitting in groups away from others.

  Unfortunately, the freedoms our men and women gave their lives for are slowly being taken away from us. We cannot attend church, open our businesses which provide a livelihood for employers and employees, have surgeries which provide healing for our bodies or visit our loved ones in nursing homes whose health is slowly declining from loneliness and depression.

  Ironically, abortion clinics, pot and liquor shops have remained open, the very practices that harm our bodies and mental health. Are these lives being saved? Now protests against the “stay at home” order are being challenged with the Governor insinuating that if these continue, the order will be extended.

  Will summer outdoor activities be cancelled? These provide exercise for our children and adults which in turn promote good health and new friendships.

  I am reminded of pre-World War II, where the citizens of Germany meekly followed the orders of their leaders believing the orders were for their good. Please don’t let this happen in America. Will we someday say “We were the land of the free”?


Charlotte Heinlein


Face mask project much appreciated


  A few weeks back, we were surprised and pleased to find on our front doorknob a plastic bag containing two face masks and several sheets of helpful information regarding Covid-19.

  Thank you to the Frankenmuth Woolen Mill, Abby’s, and Jaami’s Ice Cream and Treats for donating these masks to every household in Frankenmuth.  And thank you to the Community Task Force and volunteers for coordinating and carrying out this project. Together, their efforts most certainly have facilitated and expedited the use of face masks in public places, which will help prevent transmission of the virus and make us safer.

  Also taking action on behalf of our community is our mayor, Mary Ann Ackerman, whose warm and supportive columns in The Frankenmuth News each week have focused on lifting morale, sacrificing for the common good, and eventually returning to normalcy. She presents a fine example of leadership on the local level.

  Again, our sincere thanks to everyone involved in this face mask project, from the person who conceived the idea, to those who voluntarily financed it, to those who made the masks, and to those who delivered them door-to-door.

  They all represent an admirable �u geste” of community spirit.

Mary Beth and Rob Handeyside                                                                                                  Frankenmuth

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