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A "March for Peace" would be a better idea


  I found it interesting that Mr. Beck and his wife made the decision to not censor the content of signs at the BLM protest on July 3. Did he or his wife try to educate the protestor, who held the sign ACAB, that one rogue incident by a cop does not categorize all police as bad? The vast majority of police are decent hard-working people who put their lives in jeopardy each time they put on their uniform as they work to protect us. There are bad people in all professions.

  I am offended by his characterization of the anti-protestors as citizens who attend church. Now he is labeling another segment of citizens. Just because Frankenmuth is known as a Christian community, does not mean everyone who lives in Frankenmuth is a Christian.

  Roland C. Warren, a black man, president and CEO of Care Net, writes, 𠇏or a movement that is known for aggressively shouting down anyone who dares utter, 𠇊ll Lives Matter,” it is guilty of the very thing that it protests when it comes to including black men in its vision of families and communities. Anyone who really cares about all black lives ought to think twice before they get on this movement’s bus. It’s heading in the wrong direction. And that matters a lot.”

  Mr. Beck, you and your wife could have shown better parental guidance by helping your daughter organize a “MARCH FOR PEACE” which this country desperately needs right now.

Charlotte Heinlein

Beck letter draws response from a resident


  In response to Mr. Willie Beck, in his Letter to the Editor, voicing his concerns and disappointment with some residents of Frankenmuth, responding to his teenage daughter’s BLM protest, I would suggest that I am also disappointed for the following reasons:

  1. That he does not realize that the success of 𠇏riendly Frankenmuth” is the result of positive cooperation, working together for the common goal of making our community better, not divisive personal sentiments.
  2. That he does not realize that Frankenmuth is a small rural conservative community that respects, appreciates and dignifies law enforcement officials.
  3. That he did not recognize that with the national unrest, violence, riots and destruction of property associated with the BLM movement, that there would or should not be concerns on a local level.
  4. That he would subject his young daughter to the consequences of such a protest, without knowing what signs or messages would be involved, and not being pro-active in removing the �” sign, as a responsible parent.
  5. That he would consider that, if the shoe was on the other foot, and a loving daughter of a police officer staged a Blue Lives Matter rally, what the ramifications would be if negative signs appeared.
  6. Finally, Mr. Beck states that it is �st to avoid binary absolutist beliefs about individuals or groups”, yet takes a cheap shot at church going Christians without an ounce of corroborating evidence, that any were part of his accusations.

Rich Bernthal

Fire Muster good for the hobby, city businesses


  I have just returned from Saturday’s Antique Fire Truck Muster held on banks of the Cass River in your beautiful park. It was a great day for all who attended.

  I saw people from Texas, Georgia, Connecticut, New York and who knows where else.  Our hobby needed this; I’m sure your town needed this

  As usual, the Great Lakes Chapter did a wonderful job. I am truly sorry their Canadian members could not attend. The Muster was started with the national anthems of both countries. I felt this was a class thing to do.

  I visit every 2-3 years, always looking forward to my next visit. I hate the return ride to Philadelphia. THANK YOU for opening your town to us, especially this year.

Bill Anderson,

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania



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