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Recommendations from our younger readers

  The library is full of kids, especially now that school is out, and those children are readers. We thought it would be interesting to ask them what they especially like to read. The results are eclectic, and it’s clear there’s some high-brow reading going on in the various kids’ areas of the library. 
  Rylan, age 2, appreciates a good truck book (or all of them). Rylan identified his reading preference by a category that fits his interest. Although older kids are more book specific, the idea of an interest area remains.
  Jaxton, 5, and I share a reading interest. His favorite books are Alyssa Capuccilla’s Biscuit books, a collection of ten stories about Biscuit the dog, such as 𠇋iscuit Meets the Neighbors” and 𠇋iscuit and the Bunny.” (I do love a good dog story.)
  Ski, 6, chose “The Star Wars chapter book” because, “I like the fighting like in the movies.”
  Colton, 7, likes Jake Maddox’s sports books, such as �tter Up” and “Speed Receiver.” 
  Donovan, 9, also has a favorite sports writer, Matt Christopher who seems to specialize in baseball books such as “Return of the Homerun Kid.” At this age break, we are beginning to run into longer books, typically around 150 pages for Matt Christopher’s books.
  Bree, 8, chose the classic Shel Silverstein story, “The Giving Tree,” one of the fabulous stories that’s a little sad and a lot wonderful that makes a much larger point. 
  Nate, 8, picked “The Harry Potter” series. One thing to note is that already, readers are interested in series, whether we are talking about the sports books mentioned or following primary characters like Harry Potter. This love of series stays with our library patrons for life.
  Zane, another 8-year-old, loves the Billie B. Brown books because, 𠇋illie B. Brown has exciting adventures in her days.” Zane was lucky enough to have the author, Sally Rippin, visit her school, so she has some signed copies.
  Here is an observation that probably won’t surprise too many of you. I notice that as we talk to the kids who are adolescents, the favorite subjects take a darker, dystopian turn. Considering what a turbulent time adolescence tends to be for pretty much everyone, this isn’t a big shock. The consistency of choices of this variety, though, is notable. 
  Joey, 14, chose “The Mortality Doctrine,” by James Dashner, author of “The Maze Runner,” a three-book series focused on virtual reality. 
  Migi, 14, chose “The Chronicles of Ancient Darkness” series by Michelle Paver.  In his words, these stories, “have a medieval feel to them, with magical and spiritual beliefs that I can respect as the characters go through their adventures to uncover and solve mysteries.”
  Caden, 12, and Cameron, 13, like Veronica Roth’s 𠇍ivergent” series, and Evan, 13, appreciates that great, quirky series, Lemony Snicket’s 𠇊 Series of Unfortunate Events.”
  Interestingly, Casey, 16, also chose Harry Potter books. J.K. Rowling’s series appeals to a wide age range and does, indeed, get darker as the series progresses.
  Katelyn, 15, likes Kiera Cass’s “Selection” series. The standout exception to the dystopian trend, this series is loaded with fairy tale romance.
  Whatever books our kids prefer, you will find them devouring those books right off the shelves this summer as they plunge into Summer Reading. And that fact should make us all optimistic about the future.
  See you at the Library!
  Upcoming Events: We have lots going on this summer for all ages. Please check our website ( and download Calendar events you won’t want to miss.  


(c) 2006 Frankenmuth News