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Vol. 113 No. 50 - In our 113th year!

Wednesday, June 19, 2019


FSD seeks to educate voters ahead of the August 6 special election

  Frankenmuth School District administrators and board of education members are preparing the district’s residents for the upcoming special election, set for Tuesday, August 6.

  The ballot will include three proposals, none of which will change the tax rate levied on primary residences. One is the FSD bond proposal, the second is the FSD sinking fund millage renewal proposal and the third is the FSD non-Homestead operating millage proposal.

  “Placing three proposals on the same ballot follows past practice and is less expensive than scheduling three separate elections. It is also more convenient for Frankenmuth voters,” FSD Superintendent Adele Martin explained.

  The school district has planned seven different events leading up to August 6 election. One was already held last week as a general district presentation.

  On Thursday, June 20, the first of three “Orange Square Walkabout” sessions is scheduled for 6-7:15pm in the FHS gym.

  Martin explained what Orange Square Walkabouts entail.

  “This is a chance for community members to tour the schools and campus to see the changes that are planned should the ballot proposals pass. Visitors will be able to learn a bit of history – or share what they know – and ask questions,” Martin said.

  Other important dates prior to the election include:

  Monday, June 24, 11am-12:15pm a the FHS gym, Orange Square Walkabout;

  Tuesday, June 25, 10-11:30am at the Wickson District Library, Library & Learn drop-in informal session;

  Thursday, June 27, beginning at 7:30am, the FSD will give an informative presentation as part of the Frankenmuth Chamber of Commerce and Convention &Visitors Bureau’s Morning Mingle breakfast social. The event is sponsored by Edward Jones office of Michael Southgate. Martin and FSD Board of Education President Brandon Muller will be the speakers. Registration and breakfast is served at 7:30am, with the program running 7:45-9am. The price is $15 pre-registered; $18 at the door.

  Tuesday, July 23, from 1-2:30pm at the Wickson District Library, the second drop-in information session will be held.

  Thursday, August 1, from 6-7:15pm at the FHS gym, the final Orange Square Walkabout will take place.

  What is the purpose of the three ballot proposals?

 For Proposal I, the primary purpose of the $15,030,000 bond is to remodel and upgrade Frankenmuth schools and school facilities. The bond proposal projects fall into two basic categories: 1. To enhance school security and student safety measures and 2. To remodel and upgrade schools and school facilities.

  To reduce costs, the bonds will be sold in two series, the first series in 2019 and the second in 2020.

  Every project in the bond proposal has been reviewed and approved by the Michigan Department of Treasury. And, all renovations and upgrades will comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

  “If approved by voters, projects funded through the bond proposal will affect every Frankenmuth student and every Frankenmuth school and school facility.

  For Proposal II, the primary purpose of the five-year sinking fund is to finance ongoing repairs in the school district. The FSD has been sinking funds since 1965. In 2014, the local voters approved two sinking fund proposals – one for 0.5 mill and a second for 1.5 mills.

  “These have been combined into a single, 2.0 mill sinking fund proposal which will generate $1,017,235 annually in revenue for the school district repairs and maintenance,” Martin noted.

  For Proposal III, the non-Homestead tax proposal asks voters to renew and restore the proposal that they approved in 2014.

  𠇊s the name of the proposal implies, this tax is not levied on a homeowner’s primary residence. It is levied primarily on businesses and second homes. This tax proposal will generate $3,152,966 in annual revenue for the school district,” Martin pointed out.

  Absentee ballots will be available after Monday, June 24. With the adoption of Proposal 3 last November, deadlines have change for voter registration. The last day to register in any manner other than in-person with the local clerk for the August 6 special election is by the close of office hours on Monday, July 22.

  Jurisdictions reporting to the Frankenmuth City & Township Government Center include Frankenmuth City Precincts 1 and 2, Blumfield Township Precinct 1, Arbela Township Precinct 1, Denmark Township Precinct 2 and Tuscola Township Precinct 1

  Frankenmuth Township Precinct 1 residents will report to the Frankenmuth Public Safety Building.

  Birch Run Township Precinct 3 voters will travel to the Knights of Columbus Hall, 11105 Dixie Highway, Birch Run.

  Buena Vista Township Precinct 1 and Precinct 5 voters will report to the Buena Vista Township Hall, 1160 South Outer Drive, Buena Vista.

  Frankenmuth City Clerk Phil Kerns said all local clerks will handle their own absentee ballots and turn them into Kerns for processing on Election Day.

  Because this is a special election, FSD will pay all expenses except the local clerks’ time. Additionally, the state is mandating that all jurisdictions utilize the epoll book software. Clerks statewide will be attending training and implement epoll for this election. Laptop and software costs will be covered by a state grant.

  For more information, visit and click on “School Election Information.” Persons may also call Martin at 652-9958 or email at



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